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A spirit of professional services

UNi-CROWN ,the founder, Mr. Winston Lin mainly engaged in importing pumps originally, in progress of selling the pumps,      he accumulated a great deal of customers. Mr. Lin found that importing pumps can not satisfy all customers. To provide wider range of products for customers,   UNi-CROWN was therefore established in 2001. UNi-CROWN has been holding spirit of proficiency and services to meet requirements from many industries. In more than a decade in market, UNi-CROWN has been very popular and is appreciated by various customers. UNi-CROWN is proud to say, the more we are recognized, the more we need to adhere to. Here, we UNi-CROWN are dedicated the most professional and reliable service to you!
UNi-CROWN Co., Ltd.was established in 2001 to manufacture of pumps. Our headquarter is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C) There is a branch offices in Shanghai, China in 2008. The new facility was also set up in New Taipei City       in 2013. UNi-CROWN products were developed and designed in Taiwan, mainly made in China and partially made in Taiwan. The key components are imported from the United States and Japan.